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 CLUB NEWS 11/26/2014


The November 26th Club Meeting was called to order by President Frank at 7:05am. Club members present were Frank, Molly, Kim, Dan, and Glen. Our guest was Emily from UNH Circle K.

Kim gave a report on the District Fall Conference held last weekend in Portsmouth. She attended a number of workshops which she said were good. The club also made up welcome bags to give to attendees as they arrived at the conference. A collection of gloves, hats, and mitten was done at the conference with over 400 items collected which were donated to the Salvation Army in Porstmouth.

Molly reported on the Soup Kitchen. It was a slow night with only 18 meals served. Molly, Frank, Carolyn and two UNH Circle K'ers worked that evening.

Emily spoke about the Whittemore Concession from Tuesday evening's hockey game. Dan, Kim, Molly, Frank, Emily, and Rachel worked the game. Circle K earned $48 in tips.

President Frank reviewed upcoming events including and Salvation Army Bellringing and the Kittery and Portsmouth Holiday Parades.

For the meetinmg activity, there was a Thanksgiving Food Challenge where you had to write down a Thanksgiving food that started with each letter of the alphabet. In a fierce competition, Molly and Emily tied for the highest score. 

Dave had a chance at the 50/50 drawing and picked the five of clubs. The jackpot is at $135 with only 17 cards remaining in the deck.

The meeting concluded with a round of Happy Dollars and was adjourned at 8:00am.


December 3- Board Meeting @ Roundabout 7:00am

December 10- Club Meeting @ Roundabout 7:00am

December 17- Club Meeting @ Roundabout 7:00am

December 24- Club Meeting @ Roundabout 7:00am


We will be bellringing for the Salvation Army this Saturday- November 29th at the Kittery Trading Post from 9:00am-5:00pm. If you haven't signed up for a two hour shift yet, please contact Dan to see where you can fill in.


We will be busy on Saturday- December 6th with the Kittery and Portsmouth Holiday Parades. The Kittery Parade is at 3:00pm and the Portsmouth Parade is at 6:00pm.

We will be working on our float next Thursday and Friday evenings at Glen's house in Kittery. Our float will have a duck theme to tie in with our Duck Pluck, which helps us raise money for all the service projects that we do in the community.


Our next date to work at the Soup Kitchen will be on Saturday- December 27th from 4:00-6:00pm.

Happy    Thanksgiving!